The new wave of innovation at early stage

Capturing the opportunities...

BHS offers investors the possibility of being pioneers in this new disruptive technology that will change the rules of the game. Offering a unique methodology with an exhaustive analysis we want to involve investors in the opportunity represented by the projection of technology, which has just been born, towards all sectors of the economy. We accompany investors during any phase of the investment cycle, aligning ourselves at all times with their interests, which are also ours.


Direct investment

syndicated investment

venture capital

Success Keys

Best dealflow

The projects offered by BHS represent the best flow of transactions in the market, as a result of the experience of our team specialized in detecting proposals with a high economic impact.

Selection criteria

The potential of the selected projects is determined from a double exhaustive check in a pair review format, carried out both from Spain and from Israel, which ensures the best level of trust.

Detailed audit

Once the startup is accepted and before being launched, it must undergo a detailed evaluation of all the necessary metrics (technological, financial, etc ..) depending on its state of maturity.

Auto evaluation

We publish the project with all the details about its characteristics so that any investor can evaluate for himself the opportunity that represents the investment opportunity.


Continuous monitoring

Constant information is published about the progress of the project

Moderate risk

The detailed analysis evaluations gives investors a real peace of mind

Less paperwork

Our platform is aimed at digitizing all bureaucratic processes

Cost saving

You can deduct your investment and save intermediation rates.

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