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BHS presents the unique program of comprehensive support to projects and companies, whatever the stage of their evolution, to achieve their maximum value potential. We seek innovation based on the potential of disruptive ideas in the field of Blockchain technology, which will give shape to the future in most sectors and industries. Our program is designed to support startups at any stage of the scaling program until you get your Exit.


Up to 50 k
Up to 200 k
Up to 500 k
Up to 2000 k

Upload your initiative

Show us in a very simple way the most relevant aspects of your project.

We analyze your project

Our team of specialized mentors evaluates the phase and potential of your proposal.

Designing your campaign

Working together we publish a financing campaign tailored to your needs.

Project launching

We include your project in our shop window to give you maximum visibility betwen our network.

High value resources


Train the promotion teams through advice and mentoring by a committee of experts in Blockchain technology.


Facilitate access to financing for beneficiary business projects through our network of investors.


Guide on the definition and validation of the business model and design of effective commercial strategies.


Promote professional networking among contacts and associated companies belong to BHS.

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